Drag Con Production


If you are reading this you are probably looking for a new padded body. We have suspended any 'made-to-order' items such as padded bra, hip pads ect until WEDNESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER. This is to allow us a period of time to catch up on order & start to prepare stock for selling at Drag Con UK in January (we hope to see you there)

In the meantime all of the 'ready-to-ship' stock is available so you have no excuse for those holes in your tights and running out of Kryolan makeup ;) 

The BODY BAGS will still be available for the foreseeable future as the response has been overwhelming (thank you!) so don't panic thinking that you missed out.

All we ask is that you bare with us as we scramble to get stock made prior to the busier festive period. Please come back and purchase your Bootyque BBL on or after 8th November.

Thank you - lots of love, Izzy xoxo